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Prescot Street Award

June 30, 2008

Precot Street Evaluation, 2006

Picture, taken by Sarah Hill, of evaluation by L-P: Archaeology at Prescot Street, early 2006. Clockwise from behind the total station are Stuart Eve, Andrew Dufton, Brenna Hassett, Matthew Law and Francesca Lerza)

Congratulations to L-P: Archaeology, whose Prescot Street excavation website has won the first ever BAJR Web Award.

L-P perfectly demonstrate through this site that commercial archaeology can easily accommodate community engagement, and present a model that hopefully other excavation projects will start to follow. At the Prescot site, not only are there ‘party line’ summaries of each week’s work from field officer Chaz Morse, but also blog posts to which every member of excavation and post- (or peri-) excavation staff is able to contribute; a video series by site supervisor Anies Hassan, daily photo updates, and a glossary of archaeological terms. For those of use who really want to engage with the raw data, the context sheets as written on site are searchable through L-P’s ARK (Archaeological Recording Kit) system (including a few by me from the site evaluation in 2006, when I was a very novice digger).

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