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Cómo ser arqueólogo en España

July 22, 2008

For two weeks now I have been working on a commercial excavation near to Vitoria-Gasteiz, the capital city of El Pais Vasco, the Basque Country, so I´m afraid finding the chance to update has not been easy. The site is a medieval settlement, spread across two sides of a valley, with terracing on one slope and a number of buildings, burials and pits on the other. I´m trying to learn as much as I can about archaeological practice in Spain while I´m here, and I´m sure I´ll post more about that later, but for now I thought I´d share a small glossary of nouns useful for archaeologists in Spanish which I´ve been compiling in my site notebook.


El pico: pick

La carretilla: wheelbarrow

La pala: shovel

El cepillo: brush

La hoja: sheet


El corte: cut

El relleno: fill

El muro: wall

El canal: channel

El silo: pit

El natural: natural

La unidad estratigráfica: context

La muestra: sample

El esqueleto: skeleton

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