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September 16, 2008

Iruña-Veleia, a Roman oppidum in Alava, northern Spain:

Oppidum ar Iruna-Veleia

Oppidum at Iruna-Veleia

Reconstruction features very heavily in the presentation of the site, for example this mosaic over a water tank:

Reconstructed mosaic over water tank

Reconstructed mosaic over water tank

The finds from the site include what is claimed to be the oldest representation of the crucifixion of Christ and the oldest known writings in the Basque language*.



In Late Antiquity, the size of the oppidum was reduced, and the settlement refortified, as evidenced by this road truncated by the insertion of a later wall:

Truncated road

Truncated road (top right of image)


Iruña-Veleia on Wikipedia (English)

Iruña-Veleia on Wikipedia (Spanish)

Iruña-Veleia official site (Spanish and English)

*EDIT November 30th 2008. These claims have been debunked as false by a panel of archaeologists. Please refer to this story in the Guardian

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