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A Google Toy a Day: Conversions

January 28, 2009

I’m busy busy busy sorting snails right now, but I’m also mindful of the fact I started something with the Google Toy a Day and I’m not stopping yet.

Very quickly, one thing I do use Google for is converting between units. Want to know how many metres 82 feet is? Go to and enter 82 feet in metres in the search box. Above the usual search results for pages containing those terms, is the answer. It’s 24.9936 metres incidentally. Google can convert between different units when the search query is phrased “x units1 in units2”. The range of units you can work with seems pretty broad, and excitingly includes Roman numerals, so the query 234 in roman numerals gives the answer CCXXXIV

It’s all part of Google’s calculator function, which can also do sums and knows a few constants too. Perhaps I’ll return to that in a later post.

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