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Heritage Scholars, Professionals and Volunteers on the New Year Honours List 2010

December 31, 2009

I thought it would be interesting to see how historians, archaeologists and museum professionals fare on the New Year Honours List for next year. This may not be a complete listing, as for some of the community services awards, no further details were listed at my source, The Guardian. It would be nice to see some more community archaeologists honoured, but nonetheless, congratulations to the award recipients.

Knight Bachelor

Mark Ellis Powell Jones, Director, Victoria and Albert Museum. For services to the Arts.

Professor Paul Anthony Mellars, FBA, Professor of Prehistory and Human Evolution, University of Cambridge. For services to Scholarship.


Dr Sian Eluned Rees, Inspector of Ancient Monuments, Cadw, Welsh Assembly Government.


Professor Michael Charles Prestwich, Emeritus Professor of History, Durham University. For services to Scholarship.


Peter Geoffrey Challinor, Curator and manager, Anson Engine Museum. For services to Industrial Heritage.

Arthur Graves Credland, For service to Maritime History.

Professor John William Stanley Hearle, For services to Archaeology in Mellor, Stockport, Greater Manchester.

Mrs Elizabeth Ann Heeley, For voluntary service to Somerset Rural Life Museum.

Dr Claude Doumet Serhal, Special assistant, British Museum. For services to Archaeology.

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