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Vaeggen – The Wall, Copenhagen

April 2, 2010

The Wall is a project of Museum of Copenhagen, which places a twelve-metre long multi touch screen ‘wall’ in the centre of Copenhagen that will allow you to explore the history of the city. I haven’t seen the interface yet, but the description on the website suggests that it will be a 3D panorama of the city, populated by historical persons and finds, which you can navigate by gliding your hand across. and then tap on people , places or finds to learn more. There will also be a timeline along the bottom of the screen and, crucially, you will be able to add your own images and information to The Wall. The project launches at the end of this month.

I mention this not only because I think it’s a rather cool piece of outreach (you may remember my previous post on archaeological installations at Emeryville, California, and the subsequent comment by Ken Whittaker about similar installations at services on the M25 and A1 (M) motorways), but also because, thanks to the discovery of a conch shell at the burial ground at Assistens Kirkegård, on which I was asked to comment, I have my own entry on The Wall

I’d like to see The Wall, hopefully I shall soon, to see for myself how it works; and I’d like to see more cities adopting initiatives like this. As ever, further examples are very welcome as comments on this post.

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