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[Blogging Archaeology] Then Dig, now live

June 4, 2011

One of the outcomes of Colleen Morgan‘s recent SAA session and related blog carnival was that it might be a good idea to develop a group blog. Well, Colleen and Alun Salt have been quietly working hard over the past month or so, and Then Dig, hosted by UC Berkeley, went live on June 1st. The site covers the range of possible blog posts, but also features a monthly themed strand of posts. This month the theme, curated by Alun Salt, is ‘Distance’, and currently features an interesting opening post on methodological differences in osteoarchaeology between the UK and USA by Katy Myers, which reminded me of happy days studying osteoarchaeology with several American students at UCL. I’ve contributed to this theme as well, my post is due to be published on June 14th. Next month’s theme, curated by Terry Brock (who if I remember correctly was one of the original proponents of the group blog during the blog carnival), is on the subject of ‘Tools’, and Terry has posted an open call for posts here. I’m due to be curating a month of posts on archaeology and green issues later in the summer. Watch this space for more info.

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