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Settlement, Land Use and Environmental Change in the Outer Hebrides: The Molluscan Evidence

My PhD research at Cardiff University, started in January 2010, and supervised by Dr Jacqui Mulville and Niall Sharples with specialist guidance from Nigel Thew. The project looks at assemblages of sub-fossil molluscs (especially land snails) as  evidence of changes in the microenvironments of Hebridean archaeological sites due to human activity. The first publications are due Autumn and Winter 2011.

Public Engagement and Digital Archaeology

Day of Archaeology

Jointly run with Lorna Richardson (UCL), Dan Pett (British Museum), Tom Goskar (Wessex Archaeology), Jess Ogden (L-P: Archaeology), Andrew Dufton (Brown University) and Stu Eve (L-P: Archaeology/ UCL). Day of Archaeology is a blogging project which invites archaeologists globally to write about their working day and so answer the question “what do archaeologists do?” The first day of archaeology, on July 29th 2011, attracted over 400 posts from archaeologists around the world. See

A Pint with the Past

A Pint with the Past is an informal and hopefully entertaining chance to hear about the work of archaeologists in the relaxed environment of a pub in Bristol. The first event took place in the Three Tuns on July 23rd 2010, and featured talks by me, Rich Madgwick and Louisa Pittman, as well as live music from Kev Potter and a quiz by Nick Corcos. The second is due Autumn 2011. See

Back to the Future? Animals and Archaeology in Einsteins Garden

Back to the Future was a stall run by Cardiff University archaeologists at the Green Man Festival 2011 with staff from National Museum of Wales, Bournemouth University and Cadw. The stall sought to explore the past interaction between people and animals through art projects, costume and displays. I was the stall manager, and Dr Jacqui Mulville the programme manager. The project was part-funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council.See

PEACE – Postgraduate Environmental Archaeology and Community Engagement

An AHRC Student-Led Initiative (2010-2011) which consisted of a training workshop in community engagement for postgraduate environmental archaeologists, held at Cardiff University on December 1st 2010. As part of the workshop, a number of activities were designed, some of which were used as part of Back to the Future? at the Green Man Festival. A handbook of engagement activities derived from the workshop will be available in September 2011.

WikiArc – The Wiki Archaeological Information Resource

An online reference site, jointly managed with Siorna MacFarlane and Nick Corcos. The site presents reference articles for various aspects of archaeology, edited by a community of archaeologists. The site also hosts downloadable recording sheets, and a searchable list of open access archaeology texts. See

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